The story of Queen Victoria, who came to the throne at a time of great economic turbulence and resurgent republicanism and died 64 years later the head of the largest empire the world had ever seen, having revitalised the thrones public image and become grandmother of Europe.
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  • Initial Release Date: 28 Aug,2016

  • Genre: Biography,Comedy,Drama,History

  • Stars: Rufus Sewell, John Sessions, Anna Wilson Jones, Margaret Clunie, Catherine Flemming, Nell Hudson, Bebe Cave, Jordan Waller, Sabrina Bartlett, Tilly Steele, Leo Suter, Laurie Shepherd, David Burnett, Louisa Bay, Lily Travers, Kate Fleetwood, Jenna Coleman, Alex Jennings, Diana Rigg, Eve Myles, Tom Hughes, David Oakes, Peter Bowles, Adrian Schiller, Nigel Lindsay, Laurence Fox, Daniela Holtz, Ferdinand Kingsley, Tommy Knight, Nicholas Audsley,

  • Director: Geoffrey Sax, Olly Blackburn

  • Country: United Kingdom


Seasons No. of Episodes Action
Season 3 8 View
Season 2 9 View
Season 1 8 View

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