In the wake of the Fronde in 1667, the French nobility have begun to defy and disobey the monarchy. Young King Louis XIV decides to move the court from the Chteau de Saint-Germain-en-Laye near Paris to his father's former hunting lodge near the hamlet of Versailles as a means to force their submission. As Louis renovates and expands his new Palace of Versailles, the nobles-displaced from their usual surroundings but compelled to surround the king-become embroiled in increasingly dangerous intrigues.
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  • Initial Release Date: 16 Nov,2015

  • Genre: Biography,Drama,History,Romance

  • Stars: George Blagden, Geoffrey Bateman, Anthony Flanagan, Anna Brewster, Amira Casar, Evan Williams, Alexander Vlahos, Maddison Jaizani, Steve Cumyn, Sarah Winter, Alexis Michalik, Audrey Quoturi, Jenny Platt, Carmen Cabello Sanchez, Jessica Clark, Lizzie Brocher, Tygh Runyan, Stuart Bowman, Elisa Lasowski, Suzanne Clment, Marie Askehave, Mark Rendall, Catherine Walker, Anatole Taubman, Harry Hadden Paton, Pip Torrens, Joe Sheridan, Gilly Gilchrist, Matthew McNulty, Nomie Schmidt,

  • Director: Christian Langlois, Thomas Vincent

  • Country: Canada,France


Seasons No. of Episodes Action
Season 3 10 View
Season 2 10 View
Season 1 10 View

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