In the last years of Victoria's reign, London is beset by the "Touched": people mostly women who suddenly manifest abnormal abilities, some charming, some very disturbing. Among them are Amalia True, a mysterious, quick-fisted widow, and Penance Adair, a brilliant young inventor. They are the champions of this new underclass, making a home for the Touched, while fighting the forces of well, pretty much all the forces to make room for those whom history as we know it has no place.
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  • Initial Release Date: 11 Apr,2021

  • Genre: Action,Drama,Fantasy,Sci-Fi,Thriller

  • Stars: Elizabeth Berrington, Ella Smith, Eleanor Tomlinson, Pip Torrens, Olivia Williams, Brett Curtis, Domenique Fragale, Matt Emery, Tahlia Norrish, Sylvie Briggs, George Dawson, Grant Crookes, Michael James, Marek Lichtenberg, Ann Skelly, Kiran Sonia Sawar, Tom Riley, Ben Chaplin, Anna Devlin, Laura Donnelly, Martyn Ford, Nick Frost, Vinnie Heaven, Zain Hussain, Amy Manson, Zackary Momoh, Rochelle Neil, James Norton, Denis O'Hare, Viola Prettejohn, Madeleine Wilson,

  • Director: N/A

  • Country: United States


Seasons No. of Episodes Action
Season 1 6 View

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