Happy couple Dan and Emily live in a huge house just outside Glasgow and want for nothing, save a baby of their own. Through a chance encounter they meet Kaya, an 18-year-old from the other side of the city, whose life is as precarious at theirs is comfortable. When Kaya agrees to carry their baby, it feels like they were meant to meet, but was it really by chance?
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  • Initial Release Date: 18 Sep,2020

  • Genre: Thriller

  • Stars: Sophie Rundle, Kate Dickie, Shirley Henderson, Paul Brannigan, Samuel Paul Small, Bailey Patrick, Katie Leung, David Hayman, Fiona Bell, Christine Bottomley, James Harkness, Mirren Mack, Martin Compston, Jamie Marie Leary,

  • Director: Andy De Emmony, Simen Alsvik

  • Country: United Kingdom


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Season 1 5 View

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