A young British woman stumbles through the streets of her hometown in Germany and collapses. Her name is Alice Webster, and she has been missing for 11 years. Alice's return sends shockwaves through the small community of Eckhausen, especially when it is revealed that she may hold vital clues to the whereabouts of another missing girl. Told simultaneously over three timeframes, the series follows Alice's family as they are thrown back into a turmoil that threatens to tear them apart at the seams. French detective, Julien Baptiste, becomes embroiled in the mystery as he races across Europe to pursue a 12 year-old case that he never let die. Through a gripping puzzle of twists and turns, the second installment of "The Missing" explores the psychological and emotional complexity of what happens when a missing child finally returns, and also traces a thrilling chase for a missing girl who is yet to be found.
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  • Initial Release Date: 28 Oct,2014

  • Genre: Crime,Drama,Mystery

  • Stars: David Morrissey, Anastasia Hille, milie Dequenne, Titus De Voogdt, lafur Darri lafsson, Jake Davies, Filip Peeters, Derek Riddell, Daniel Ezra, Indica Watson, Astrid Whettnall, Macauley Keeper, Oliver Hunt, Bernhard Schtz, Lia Williams, Diana Kent, James Nesbitt, Keeley Hawes, Eric Godon, Roger Allam, Abigail Hardingham, Frances Oconnor, Jason Flemyng, Sad Taghmaoui, Tchky Karyo, Ken Stott, Laura Fraser, Florian Bartholomi, Arsher Ali, Jean Franois Wolff,

  • Director: Tom Shankland, Ben Chanan, Michael Samue

  • Country: United Kingdom


Seasons No. of Episodes Action
Season 3 6 View
Season 2 8 View
Season 1 8 View

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