England, 1879. With football still in its infancy and an amateur sport, upper-class teams, led by Old Etonians, have dominated the early years of the FA Cup. But a revolution is brewing: against the rules of the FA, James Walsh, the owner of working-class side Darwen FC and the associated mill, secretly pays talented Scottish players Fergus Suter and Jimmy Love to join the team ahead of the cup quarterfinals against Old Etonians, whose roster features several members of the FA Board, including team captain Arthur Kinnaird.
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  • Initial Release Date: 20 Mar,2020

  • Genre: Drama,Sport

  • Stars: Richard McCabe, Harry Michell, Charlotte Hope, Kate Phillips, James Harkness, Philip Hill Pearson, Kelly Price, Sammy Hayman, Michael Nardone, Tim Chipping, John Askew, Mary Higgins, Joncie Elmore, Charles Armstrong, Lara Peake, Gerard Kearns, Kate Dickie, Kevin Guthrie, Sam Keeley, Edward Holcroft, Henry Lloyd Hughes, Sylvestra Le Touzel, Craig Parkinson, Ben Batt, Daniel Ings, Anthony Andrews, Richard Dixon, Kerrie Hayes, Niamh Walsh, Eilidh Fisher,

  • Director: Tim Fywell, Birgitte Strmose

  • Country: United Kingdom


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Season 1 6 View

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