Laura Price, a local news producer in San Francisco, is helping the police to hunt down a serial killer. After the killer strikes close to home, a twist of fate allows a Groundhog Day-type reset, and Laura relives the week prior to the string of murders. Can she change fate and stop the killer?
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  • Initial Release Date: 24 Jul,2017

  • Genre: Drama,Thriller

  • Stars: Greyston Holt, Rebecca Staab, Lina Renna, JR Bourne, Adam Abrams, Carmel Amit, Janet Kidder, Michael St John Smith, James Kirk, Aria Birch, Catherine Barroll, Noel Johansen, Camille Mitchell, Drew Ray Tanner, Erica Carroll, Jedidiah Goodacre, Paula Patton, Hilary Jardine, Devon Sawa, Cindy Busby, Daniel Bacon, Imogen Tear, Colin Lawrence, Aaron Craven, Jessica Harmon, Serge Houde, Samantha Ferris, Giles Panton, Primo Allon, Matt Visser,

  • Director: David Frazee, Duane Clark, Mathias Hernd

  • Country: United States


Seasons No. of Episodes Action
Season 1 10 View

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