Hong Taera gets trapped in a fate like that of Pandora in Greek mythology. With a perfect husband and a lovely daughter, Taera leads a life envied by all. However, her repressed memories resurface. She sets out to take revenge and protect her beloved family.
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  • Initial Release Date: 11 Mar,2023

  • Genre: Action,Drama,Thriller

  • Stars: Lee Ji-ah, Shim So-young, Kyeon Mi-ri, Hong Woo-jin, Ahn Nae-sang, Cha Kwang-soo, Han Soo-yeon, Bong Tae-gyu, Park Ki-woong, Jang Hee-jin, Lee Sang-yun, Jung Jae-sung,

  • Director: Young-hun Choi

  • Country: South Korea


Seasons No. of Episodes Action
Season 1 14 View

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