In Prague, Czech Republic, single mother Helena is seduced by a successful, handsome man and travels with him for a weekend in Vienna, Austria; in Kiev, Ukraine, the sixteen-year-old Nadia is selected by a modeling agency and travels to the United States with other selected candidates; in Manila, Philippines, twelve-year-old American tourist Annie Gray is abducted in front of her parents. In common, these girls become victims of an international network of sex traffickers lead by the powerful Sergei Karpovich. In New York, after the third death of a young Eastern European prostitute, obstinate Russian-American NYPD agent, Kate Morozov, convinces the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Chief Bill Meehan to hire her, promising him that she will fight against this type of crime and that he would not regret it.
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  • Initial Release Date: 24 Oct,2005

  • Genre: Crime,Drama,Mystery,Thriller

  • Stars: Donald Sutherland, David Boutin, Mark Antony Krupa, Andreas Apergis, Anna Hopkins, Isabelle Blais, Dawn Ford, Zoe Aggeliki, Manuel Aranguiz, Terry Haig, Matt Holland, Michael Sorvino, Edouardo Castillon, Jeanne Lauzon, Alice Morel Michaud, Sarah Jeanne Labrosse, Laurence Leboeuf, Robert Carlyle, Sarah Allen, Lynne Adams, Mira Sorvino, Larry Day, Von Flores, Vlasta Vrana, Emma Campbell, Joe Cobden, Alan Fawcett, Cline Bonnier, Rmy Girard, Fanny Laure Malo,

  • Director: Christian Duguay

  • Country: Canada


Seasons No. of Episodes Action
Season 1 3 View

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