In 1905, young Julio arrives at the Grand Hotel, an idyllic place in the middle of the countryside, to investigate his sister's disappearance. He gets a job as a waiter and comes across the owner's sexy, wealthy daughter. He falls in love with her and starts a dangerous affair while she becomes the only person who will help him discover the truth about his sister's disappearance. Find out all the secrets and mysteries hidden in the wonderful Grand Hotel.
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  • Initial Release Date: 04 Oct,2011

  • Genre: Crime,Drama,Mystery

  • Stars: Fele Martnez, Antonio Reyes, Raquel Sierra, Sara Moraleda, Lloren Gonzlez, Ivn Morales, Tato Loch, Dion Crdoba, Asuncin Balaguer, Concha Velasco, Marta Larralde, Amaia Salamanca, Adriana Ozores, Yon Gonzlez, Eloy Azorn, Pep Anton Muoz, Pedro Alonso, Luz Valdenebro, Manuel de Blas, Cristbal Araqu,

  • Director: N/A

  • Country: Spain


Seasons No. of Episodes Action
Season 3 24 View
Season 2 25 View
Season 1 14 View

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