Duan Yucheng is a high-spirited young man who loves high jump but is limited by his height, met his talent scout, the experienced athletics assistant Luo Na. In order to get more professional guidance and help, Duan Yucheng made every effort to enroll at the university where Luo Na coaches, and became a member of Luo Na's team, started to pursue his dream of high jumping. Pursuing dream is a very cruel thing, you have to experience injuries, failures, and loneliness that none can understand. But pursuing dream is also very sweet, because every bit of joy of improvement can transcend the pain of the body and the doubts of others. Starting from the school-level competition, then to the municipal, provincial, National University Games, and the National Athletics Championships, Duan Yucheng climbed step by step. No matter how far he goes, there is only one thing that will never change - the blazing track is his only belief.
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  • Initial Release Date: 09 Apr,2023

  • Genre: Romance

  • Stars: Jin Chen, Wang Anyu, Zhang Kaiying, Chi Jia, Li Zhuozhao, Guo Jin Qi, Jill Hsu, Yushun Jiang,

  • Director: Zheng Yin

  • Country: China


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Season 1 26 View

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