In the small bordertown of Villefranche, lost in the heart of a large forest, crime rate is six times higher than elsewhere in the area. Each new crime Major Laurène Weiss solves with the help of her unusual team makes her sink deeper and deeper into secrets of the area.
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  • Initial Release Date: 31 May,2019

  • Genre: Crime,Drama,Horror

  • Stars: Laurent Capelluto, Renaud Rutten, Hubert Delattre, Suliane Brahim, Camille Aguilar, Tiphaine Daviot, Naidra Ayadi, Samuel Jouy,

  • Director: Julien Despaux, Thierry Poiraud

  • Country: France, Belgium


Seasons No. of Episodes Action
Season 2 8 View
Season 1 8 View

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