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Models Carl and Yaya are invited for a luxury cruise with a rogues' gallery of super-rich passengers. At first, all appears Instagrammable, but the cruise ends catastrophically and the group find themselves marooned on a desert island.
  • Index of Triangle of Sadness 2022 movie download.

  • Release Date: 23 Sep,2022

  • Genre: Comedy,Drama

  • Stars: Thobias Thorwid, Harris Dickinson, Charlbi Dean, Jiannis Moustos, Vicki Berlin, Dolly De Leon, Timoleon Gketsos, Alicia Eriksson, Woody Harrelson, Zlatko Buric, Sunnyi Melles, Carolina Gynning, Iris Berben, Amanda Walker, Oliver Ford Davies,

  • Director: Ruben stlund

  • Country: Sweden, France, United Kingdom, Germany, Turkey, Greece

  • Runtime: 150 min

  • Quality: HD

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