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After a traumatic miscarriage, Lola and her husband Adolfo adopt Tin and Tina, a lovely albino brother and sister with an ultra-catholic education that makes them interpret Holy Bible verbatim.
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  • Release Date: 24 Mar,2023

  • Genre: Horror,Mystery,Thriller

  • Stars: Milena Smit, Jaime Lorente, Carlos González Morollón, Anastasia Russo, Teresa Rabal, Sergio Ramos, Joserra Leza, Luis Perezagua, Antonio Figueredo Manrique, Chelo Vivares, Ruth Gabriel, Cristina Pérez Nollet, Isabel Ramírez Vázquez, Óscar Hidalgo González-Quevedo, Javier Galloso Rodríguez,

  • Director: Rubin Stein

  • Country: Spain, United States, Romania

  • Runtime: 119 min

  • Quality: HD

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