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Hoping to save his sick mother, a boy named Gunner and his friend Jo venture into the remote Wild Horse forest to search for a mythical figure who possesses the secret to immortality. When they go missing, Gunner's father Amos must immerse himself in his son's world to find them.

  • Index of The Water Man 2020 movie download.

  • Release Date: 13 Sep,2020

  • Genre: Adventure,Drama,Family

  • Stars: David Oyelowo, Amiah Miller, Lonnie Chavis, Rosario Dawson, Maria Bello, Alfred Molina, Aaron Trainor, Ted Rooney, Jessica Oyelowo, John Henry Whitaker, Jennifer Lanier, Colby Dahlstrom, Adam Dunlap, Josh Trerise, Jack Lanning,

  • Director: David Oyelowo

  • Country: United States

  • Runtime: 91 min

  • Quality: HD

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