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A deep sea submersible pilot revisits his past fears in the Mariana Trench, and accidentally unleashes the seventy foot ancestor of the Great White Shark believed to be extinct.
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  • Release Date: 09 Aug,2018

  • Genre: Action,Horror,Sci-Fi

  • Stars: Jason Statham, Bingbing Li, Rainn Wilson, Cliff Curtis, Winston Chao, Shuya Sophia Cai, Ruby Rose, Page Kennedy, Robert Taylor, ├ôlafur Darri ├ôlafsson, Jessica McNamee, Masi Oka, Raymond Vinten, Hongmei Mai, Wei Yi,

  • Director: Jon Turteltaub

  • Country: United States, China

  • Runtime: 113 min

  • Quality: HD

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