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In the not-too-distant future, as a final response to crime and terrorism, the U.S. government plans to broadcast a signal that will make it impossible for anyone to knowingly break the law.

  • Index of The Last Days of American Crime 2020 movie download.

  • Release Date: 05 Jun,2020

  • Genre: Action,Crime,Drama,Sci-Fi,Thriller

  • Stars: Neels Clasen, Edgar Ramírez, Tony Caprari, Kate Normington, Iain Bruce, Norman Anstey, Brandon Auret, Daniel Fox, Sean Cameron Michael, Nathan Lynn, Tamer Burjaq, Craig Urbani, De Klerk Oelofse, Jonathan Pienaar, Kristen Raath,

  • Director: Olivier Megaton

  • Country: United States

  • Runtime: 148 min

  • Quality: HD

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