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Beloved Neapolitan actor and playwright Eduardo Scarpetta, father of Eduardo De Filippo, devoted his entire life to the theater, achieving success with timeless works such as "Miseria e nobilt." However, everything he worked for seems lost in 1904, when he's drawn into a nasty legal battle that could compromise his freedom of expression.
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  • Release Date: 09 Sep,2021

  • Genre: Biography,Drama

  • Stars: Toni Servillo, Maria Nazionale, Cristiana Dell'Anna, Antonia Truppo, Eduardo Scarpetta, Roberto De Francesco, Lino Musella, Paolo Pierobon, Giovanni Mauriello, Chiara Baffi, Roberto Caccioppoli, Lucrezia Guidone, Elena Ghiaurov, Gigio Morra, Gianfelice Imparato,

  • Director: Mario Martone

  • Country: Italy, Spain

  • Runtime: 133 min

  • Quality: HD

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