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In the follow-up to "The Battle At Lake Changjin", brothers Wu Qianli and Wu Wanli undertake a new task for the People's Volunteer Army, defending a bridge part of the American troops' escape route from the Korean War.
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  • Release Date: 01 Feb,2022

  • Genre: Action,Drama,History

  • Stars: Jing Wu, Jackson Yee, Michael Koltes, Tom Markovic, Rudy van Gelderen, John F. Cruz, Yihong Duan, James Filbird, Kei Gambit, Le Geng, Natalia Golovenko, Jun Hu, Chen Li, John Edward Lopez, Matias Lorieri,

  • Director: Hark Tsui, Kaige Chen, Dante Lam, Jianxin Huang, Ju-chun Park

  • Country: China

  • Runtime: 153 min

  • Quality: HD

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