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Mr. Wu, a Hong Kong movie star, is kidnapped in Beijing by Zhang Hua's gang. The police quickly form a task force and begin the search, ignoring that detectives in charge have only twenty hours before the deadline. (A story based on the famous kidnapping case of television actor Wu Rufou that took place in 2004.)

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  • Release Date: 30 Sep,2015

  • Genre: Action,Crime,Drama

  • Stars: Andy Lau, Ye Liu, Qianyuan Wang, Ruofu Wu, Xiaorui Zhao, Peng Lu, Lu Cai, Suet Lam, Meng Li, Wei Na, Ailei Yu, Xu Yang, Zheng Wang, Longjun Li, Sichun Ma,

  • Director: Sheng Ding

  • Country: China

  • Runtime: 106 min

  • Quality: HD

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