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Pil-ju, a retired soldier in his 80s, has dementia and sets off in search of the people he believes responsible for the death of his family. With 5 names tattooed on his fingers and pieces of collapsing memories, Pil-ju tracks down his targets and kills them one by one. In-gyu, a young innocent man, becomes the prime suspect of a murder Pil-ju committed and tries to prove his innocence, and hopefully stop the old man's revenge journey.
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  • Release Date: 26 Oct,2022

  • Genre: Action,Drama,Thriller

  • Stars: Lee Sung-min, Nam Joo-hyuk, Geun-hyeong Park, Man-sik Jeong, Je-mun Yun, Moon Chang-gil, Kim Hong-pa, Byeong-ho Park, Song Young-chang,

  • Director: Il-Hyeong Lee

  • Country: South Korea

  • Runtime: 128 min

  • Quality: HD

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