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Recep Ivedik coaches the children football team in his neighborhood. For the training he uses the only free piece of land as football field on which he used to play football as a child. Recep notices sadly that this piece of land was sold to a businessman. So as not to loose this for the neighborhood and the children valuable piece of land he decides to re-buy it on his own. With his own methods he does not receive the money. The participation in a competition with a big price is the only solution of his problem ...
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  • Release Date: 20 Feb,2014

  • Genre: Comedy

  • Stars: Sahan Gökbakar, Firuze Gamze Aksu, Gamze Aksu, Adem Atbas, Gülüm Baltacigil, Muhammed Yasir Berkli, Baris Bulut, Nurullah Celebi, Mehmet Sah Celik, Hüseyin Damarhan, Abdulmelik Donmez, Mehmet Baran Erdogan, Murat Ergür, Ömer Gökburun, Baha Gökce,

  • Director: Togan Gkbakar, Emre Karademir

  • Country: Turkey

  • Runtime: 117 min

  • Quality: HD

  • Collection: Recep İvedik (Film Series) Collections,

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