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Recep Ivedik has been depressed since the death of his grandmother. Everyone who tries to help him fails. A young girl named Zeynep, who can't find an apartment, stays with Recep. Initially, the two can't stand each others but after a while, they grow close. Despite many adventures together, Recep's depression won't go away. That is until he experiences something he had never experienced before.
  • Index of Recep Ivedik 3 2010 movie download.

  • Release Date: 12 Feb,2010

  • Genre: Comedy

  • Stars: Sahan Gökbakar, Zeynep Çamci, Vahdet Çakar, Recep Asan, Mücahit Avci, Muhammed Yasir Berkli, Volkan Cal, Mehmet Sah Celik, Basar Dogusoy, Abdulmelik Donmez, Furkan Ege, Baha Gökce, Berke Can Göktas, Güven Gülesçe, Husnu Mert Hayal,

  • Director: Togan Gkbakar

  • Country: Turkey

  • Runtime: 95 min

  • Quality: HD

  • Collection: Recep İvedik (Film Series) Collections,

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