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2013. Exiled in Switzerland, Olga, a talented and passionate 15-year-old Ukrainian gymnast, is trying to secure a place in the National Sports Centre. But the Euromaidan revolt erupts in Kyiv, and suddenly her loved ones are involved. While the girl is adapting to her new country and preparing for the European Championships, the Ukrainian revolution makes its way into her life, and nothing will ever be the same again.
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  • Release Date: 17 Nov,2021

  • Genre: Drama,Sport

  • Stars: Anastasiia Budiashkina, Sabrina Rubtsova, Caterina Barloggio, Théa Brogli, Jérôme Martin, Tanya Mikhina, Alicia Onomor, Lou Steffen, Aleksandr Mavrits, Philippe Schuler, Stéphanie Chuat, Roger Jendly, Pierre Mifsud, Max Rüdlinger, Monika Schätzle,

  • Director: Elie Grappe

  • Country: Switzerland, France, Ukraine

  • Runtime: 85 min

  • Quality: HD

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