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A mid-age hipster in Stockholm is a training freak and trains for the 90 km ski race Vasaloppet. His sister is the opposite, no job, drinks but has a daughter. Suddenly secrets reveals and promises are made.
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  • Release Date: 28 Jan,2022

  • Genre: Comedy

  • Stars: Leif Andrée, Tuva Børgedotter Larsen, Kelly Flogell, David Gunnarsson, Anna Hallgren, Fredrik Hallgren, Martin Hendrikse, Mårten Klingberg, Matilda Källström, Chatarina Larsson, Sofia Leon, Lisa Lexfors, Helena Lissmatz, Anders Brink Madsen, Kalle Moraeus,

  • Director: Mrten Klingberg

  • Country: Sweden

  • Runtime: 108 min

  • Quality: HD

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