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A veteran gangster, Hee-su, is looking to retire from his crime family in the violent port town of Kuam, Korea. But an unexpected betrayal leads him down a bloody path where he gets caught in the middle of a mob war with deadly consequences.
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  • Release Date: 23 Mar,2022

  • Genre: Action,Crime,Drama

  • Stars: Moo-Seong Choi, Jeong Ho-bin, Lee Hong-nae, Bong-sik Hyun, Seung-Hyeon Ji, Woo Jung, Kim Kap-su, Hae-gon Kim, Baek Soo-hee, Cha Soon-bae, Lee Sung-woo, Chung Young-joo, Je-mun Yun, Ji-hye Yun,

  • Director: Cheon Myeong-Gwan

  • Country: South Korea

  • Runtime: 119 min

  • Quality: HD

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