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Alice Gould, a private investigator, pretends to be mentally ill in order to enter a psychiatric hospital and gather evidence for the case she is working on: the death of an inmate in unclear circumstances.
  • Index of God's Crooked Lines 2022 movie download.

  • Release Date: 06 Oct,2022

  • Genre: Mystery

  • Stars: Bárbara Lennie, Eduard Fernández, Loreto Mauleón, Javier Beltrán, Pablo Derqui, Samuel Soler, Federico Aguado, Adelfa Calvo, Antonio Buíl, Dafnis Balduz, David Selvas, Francisco Javier Pastor, Lluís Soler, Luis Sacristán, Vicente Vergara,

  • Director: Oriol Paulo

  • Country: Spain

  • Runtime: 154 min

  • Quality: HD

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