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Unfolding over 18 monumental days in August 2021, this deeply immersive and emotional documentary combines never-before-seen archival footage from those on the ground at the airport with exclusive interviews with people who were there throughout the period, including Afghan citizens attempting to flee, U.S. Marines tasked with managing the evacuation, and Taliban commanders and fighters who had recently taken the city.
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  • Release Date: 21 Sep,2022

  • Genre: Documentary,History

  • Stars: Oari Salahuddin Ayubi, Sofia Flesch Baldin, Joe Biden, William Callen, Olaf Creutzburg, Jamshed Dawlatzai, Meena Dawran, Shabnam Dawran, Jordan Eddington, Mawlawi Samiullah Fateh, Abdul Hadi Hamdan, Said Sebghatullah Hashemi, Muslim Hotak, Malalai Hussainy, Arne Hörmann,

  • Director: Jamie Roberts

  • Country: United Kingdom, France, United States

  • Runtime: 73 min

  • Quality: HD

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