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In a massive, mysterious chamber, fifty strangers awaken to find themselves trapped with no memory of how they got there. Organized in an inward-facing circle and unable to move, they quickly learn that every two minutes, one of them must die... executed by a strange device in the center of the room.

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  • Release Date: 28 May,2015

  • Genre: Drama,Horror,Mystery

  • Stars: Allegra Masters, Aimee McKay, Ashley Key, Autumn Federici, Bill Lewis, Brent Stiefel, Cameron Cruz, Carter Jenkins, Cesar Garcia, Mustafa Speaks, Daniel Lench, Daniel Yelsky, David Reivers, David Saucedo, DeMaris Gordon,

  • Director: Aaron Hann, Mario Miscione

  • Country: United States

  • Runtime: 87 min

  • Quality: HD

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