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A disenfranchised 16-year-old girl connects to an older man on the internet and after a brief one-sided affair descends into obsession and anorexia.
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  • Release Date: 04 Jun,2015

  • Genre: Biography,Drama,Romance

  • Stars: China Suárez, Esteban Lamothe, Gloria Carrá, Rafael Spregelburd, Tomás Ottaviano, Julieta Gullo, Zoe Hochbaum, Lucía Pecrul, Julieta Vetrano, Malena Sánchez, Dana Basso, Paula Kohan, Mirela Payret, Fernando Dente, Lalo Rotavería,

  • Director: Daniela Goggi

  • Country: Argentina

  • Runtime: 90 min

  • Quality: HD

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