Our story

We've seen how the demand for Movies is high these days, and we took the burden off the internet by creating NollyVerse, the only site you'll come across that doesn't require login or sign up to watch or download movies. The site is simple and easy to use, with very minimal content to provide simplecity when it comes to what your main interest really is on our site.

Our Strategy

NollyVerse does not resemble a typical Movie streaming site. This is because we wanted to be as simple as possible so you don't get stranded looking for your content on our site. Ours is more of a blog movie and serie site, one of it's kind that delivers current trending movies, series and some favorite blog contents you may be interested in. We want to be unique as possible, so we'll do only that...delivering free services to our visitors as long as we are still existing.

Our Plans

We hope to cover a wide variety of all sorts of movies out there, from those released, to those to be released. We're planning to cover all movie categories from Hollywood itself upto Nollywood, Bollywood, Chinese movies, Korean movies and every sort of dramas and series we gather for you.

Our site will not by any chance sell to you these movies or series. By this we remain commited to serving you our esteemed visitor any time you wish to access any content from our site and we'll do the delivery straight to your device.


NollyVerse does not host any movie/serie on it's servers. All contents are hosted on third party websites. By this we do not accept responsibility for those contents. We simply index those download links to our site so that we make things a little bit easy for you when it comes to accessing your desired contents.